Business Process Automation

Labor-saving, efficiency-raising sophistication with point-and-click ease

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Automate to achieve new levels of speed, accuracy and efficiency

Thoughtfully-designed business processes are an essential part of consistently sucessful organizations. Add automation to business processes and you exponentially increase speed, accuracy, efficiency and performance.

Until now business process automation required impossibly complicated integration of voice, text, email and web technologies. Voicent Live's automation capabilities eliminate that complexity and make automated business processes easy to create and manage.

Thanks to Voicent Live's clear and simple graphical representations of workflows, it's easy to see, capture and understand all the component tasks involved in your business processes. And because Voicent Live contains all the necessary tools for integrating multi-channel communication, it's easy to just point and click to fully automate those processes.

Automated business processes enable effortless, disciplined, professional, around-the-clock engagement with customers, without the cost of maintaining large, expensive staff.

Just as importantly, automated business processes can allow for faster, smarter and more disciplined collaboration and adherence to internal rules and governing policies. When processes are automated, you can make sure that important steps aren't forgotten or ignored. Typos and other costly mistakes can be eliminated when data input and other tasks aren't done by hand; built-in system efficiencies won't be thwarted when they don't depend on busy staff to implement, but rather implement themselves automatically. Suddenly, internal and external rules and governance policies are followed as a matter of course. Internal schedules, such as training, vacation, work shifts, and more, are managed and communicated automatically.

See what's needed, then create it

Voicent Live presents automated workflows as graphical illustrations that can be created, expanded and reshaped with point-and-click ease. This gives you incredible agility and speed to see and understand your workflows. Then, when you need to quickly respond to competitive or market challenges, workflows can be easily added or adjusted to adapt to new needs.

Manage and monitor all workflow instances in just one place

Whether you need to design, create, and implement Automated Workflows as you need them, or implement an established array of automated workflows to implement a sophisticated Business Process Management (BPM) plan, Voicent’s Automated Workflow Management system provides all the intuitive ease and rich technology you will need.

Automated Workflows can be created and monitored all within Voicent Live. Workflow progress can be monitored and managed in the same window as well, keeping everything in one convenient place. Virtually any process you want can be automated, streamlining and customizing your business as it grows.

Key Features

Graphical interface

See your workflows as schematic diagrams, not lines of complex code.

Provide 24/7 response coverage for inquiries from web pages or marketing campaigns

With the endless customization options available you can always respond to customer inquires at ny time from any channel without any human involvement.

Automatically notify your staff

Send a message when something important has happened, such as sending a reminder for a webinar or monitor a critical system process and alert the system administrator if there is a disruption.

Integrate with any system

Automatically synchronize with other systems — such as sending reminders for timesheet approvals within a specified number of days.

Update customer information automatically

Perform simple and repetitive actions automatically such as updating a customer status when a payment has been missed.

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