Predictive Dialer

Keep your agents productive, not just busy

Improve your campaign's bottom line

Predictive dialing was invented to eliminate wasted time in telephone work. Typically, if a person manually dialed 1,000 phone numbers, fewer than 35 percent would be answered by a live person.

Without predictive dialers, agents spend about 80 percent of their time listening to the phone ring, waiting for a live pick up, dealing with invalid numbers or answering machines. Only about 20 percent of their time is spent actually generating sales and revenue.

Scales to fit your business

Voicent Live is as scalable and flexible as it is affordable. Features incredible scalability--can handle thousands of simultaneous calls on a single, ordinary computer. It requires no expensive telecom hardware or telephone lines - calls are made through the Internet directly by your computer. The only hardware requirement is a web-accessible device, plus a USB headset that allows you or your agent to talk to a live person through a computer.

Keep your agents prepared to close sales quickly

Predictive dialing is especially powerful when coupled with Voicent Live's automated CRM capabilities. When a live person answers, the software instantly transfers the call to an available agent and pops up a window on that agent's desktop, displaying the person's name, known preferences, past purchases and any other info from their CRM record that you want displayed. That record can be retrieved from Voicent's built-in CRM, or from your existing, Sugar, Zoho, or other CRM system. With predictive dialing technology, your sales reps are freed from unproductive calls, allowing them to better focus on closing sales with customers.

Manage your call center agents

Voicent Live's dashboard for managers and supervisors includes access to real-time monitoring of call volume, agent performance, and dropped-call rates, as well as the ability to generate summary reports on those metrics and many more.

Works with any Voicent Tool

Best of all, everything works seamlessly with other Voicent tools for automating and optimizing. Customer Relationship Management, Call Center efficiency, mobile SMS text marketing campaigns, Interactive Voice Recognition menus and much more.

Key Features

Agents can work from anywhere

As long as there is an internet connection, agents can work from home or even on the road. Agents can also work from the same list together or work on their own individual list of contacts and leads.

Skip no-answers, answering machines, disconnected lines, and more

Automatically skips busy lines, no-answer lines, and disconnected lines to keep your agents busy without wasting time. Also features the ability to automatically leave a message for answering machines or simply skip them.

Everything your agents needs all in one window

Everything your agent needs to work efficiently and effectively, is contained in Voicent Live's convenient agent desktop dashboard. From there, agents can send a text message or email to a customer, add the customer to an opt-out list, schedule a call back, or play an audio message.

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