Marketing Automation

Why not do it smarter, faster, easier, cheaper, and more effectively?

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Make your campaigns faster, bigger, more efficient, more disciplined ...

You can reach reach out to thousands or even millions of customers with a single click. You can provide customers 24/7 access to information and services. You can spare your agents and sales reps hours of wasted time spent dialing phone numbers and listening to answering-machine messages. You can replace time-consuming, spirit-crushing drudgery with more opportunities to really connect with customers and prospects.

Voicent Live's powerful technology does the heavy lifting for you, automating:

  • Lead generation to connect with customers by the thousands or even millions, by voice, SMS text, email, or the web, and always with warm, COMPELLING, 1-to-1 personalization.
  • Collection, retrieval and display of CRM information, ensuring that your business knows its customers and has that knowledge instantly available when it matters most.
  • Execution of lead-nurturing programs and scheduled customer-retention and up-selling programs, ensuring that these important, bottom-line strategies are followed with religious discipline and consistent quality.
  • Regulatory compliance and adherence to internal rules and processes, ensuring that important requirements are always met, but without distracting your staff from the things that can't be automated--understanding and connecting with your customers on a truly human level.

... and more personal

Automated marketing messages don't have to be cold and impersonal messages. Voicent Live's automation provides numerous opportunities for segmentation and personalization. Customers and prospects can be easily segmented by product, geography, interests or any defining quality you choose. Voicent Live's built-in message designers provide virtually unlimited opportunities to personalize messages with names, account data or any other information contained in CRM profiles.

Automated lead nurturing and event-triggered messaging

Want to automate the sending of product information, or your company newsletter, or a thank-you message whenever someone makes a request or a purchase on your website? With Voicent Live, you can easily create and automate workflows that not only fulfill the request automatically, but then schedule and execute follow-up communication to make sure customers are satisfied with the information they have received or the products they have purchased.

Best of all, those follow-up messages can be in the format the customer personally prefers: email, phone call or SMS text.

Prepare a series of messages that briefly but persuasively explain the value of your company or products, then periodically send them one at a time, inoffensively staying in front of the prospect and providing multiple opportunities for them to buy or further engage.

Automated lead nurturing lets you inexpensively drive more value from lead generation costs by giving leads more time and information before making a decision.

Automated CRM

CRM data is critical to understanding your customers and your market. When CRM information is automatically collected, you quickly build a knowledge base that can inform your marketing campaigns, inspiring fresh, new ways to connect with customers and prospects.

Voicent Live easily integrates your CRM with your marketing, whether you use our built-in CRM tool, or an already existing tool from another vendor.

Key Features

Easy, personalized, mass messaging

Connect with customers by the hundreds, thousands or millions, by phone, SMS mobile text, or email, and always with persuasive, 1-to-1 personalization.

Automatic intelligence gathering and use

Every customer contact is automatically detailed and recorded. Retrieval and display of pertinent CRM information is automatic, too, ensuring that information is right at your fingertips when you need it.

Less drudgery, more delighting

Automated data collection and other processes gives your sales and customer-service staff more time to truly connect with your customers on a human level, enabling them to close more sales and deliver extraordinary service.


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