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Customer Relationship Management

See the value of fully automated CRM

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Track every customer interaction

Fully integrated with all communication channels, such as phone, SMS mobile text messages, emails, and web communication. All contacts and interactions are automatically registered in our built-in CRM database, or your existing CRM system.

Fully integrated with all Voicent tools

Receive an opt-out request? Voicent Live will automatically register that request in your CRM and apply it to any and all channels needed--phone, SMS text, or email.  Your customers' information and preferences can be used by any Voicent Live tool.

Deliver a truly personal touch

Play different welcome messages or route calls to specific agents based on who is calling. Transfer live-answer outbound calls to the agent of your choice based on current workload, location, type of customer, agent language or skill level, or other factor.

Run everything from one window

Run all of your predictive dialing, SMS mobile text, voice, and email campaigns from one single window. Automatically add relevant leads to ongoing campaigns as they are added to your CRM database.

Sales Campaign Management

For outbound sales campaigns

Predictive dialer, hosted predictive dialer, hosted solution, hosted voip solution

Save time and increase efficiency

Dramatically increase productivity by automatically dialing numbers from your customer list, skipping busy, no-answer, fax or disconnected lines, never involving you or your agent on a call until a live person answers.

customer relationship management, relationship marketing, customer relationship management

Keep your agents productively busy

Voicent Live lets your people focus their energy on people, not tools, technology or data entry.  That gives your people more time to focus on things that will positively affect your bottom line.

remote software, agent dashboard, predictive hosted dialer

Work from anywhere, anytime

As Voicent Live's predictive dialer and other automated communication tools connect with live customers, it can instantly transfer calls to centrally- or remotely-located agents. Your sales reps will be able to work anywhere they have Internet access.

Call Center operations, call center management

Monitor and manage your agents

Built-in features make training and coaching a snap.  Statistical reporting on call volume, agent performance, marketing campaign results, resource usage, regulatory compliance, and much more, enables you to see and easily communicate how your agents and campaigns are performing.

Agent Dashboard

A desktop command center for your agents

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