Email Marketing

Design, send and manage with point-and-clcick ease

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Send out email blasts with one click

With one click, send an unlimited number of personalized emails, then, track open rates, handle bounced mail, and manage un-subscribe requests, all with automated ease.

Track bounced and opened emails

Voicent Live's bulk emailing tool will send the messages, identify any bounced emails (emails that were undeliverable for any reason), and automatically process any requests to unsubscribe from your opt-in list.

Perfect for opt-in marketing campaigns, newsletters and other Customer Relationship Management and lead generation related programs.

Includes the ability to personalize your email messages

Personalize each message to your contact by inserting their names or specific information pulled from your CRM. With Voicent Live's workflow ability, you can send targeted emails to customers as they move through your business processes, from an initial lead all the way to a paying customer.

Works with any Voicent Live tool

Best of all, Automated Emailing works seamlessly with other Voicent Live tools providing automated Customer Relationship Management, optimized Call Center efficiency, coordinated SMS text marketing campaigns, customer-friendly Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) menus and much more.

Key Features

Sends both simple text emails or HTML emails

Easily create and automatically personalize and send large volumes of email in plain text or colorful, photo-rich HTML format.

Integrate with other Voicent tools for omnichannel communication

You'll not only be able to communicate with customers in the format they prefer, but automatically include that messaging in CRM records or enable it to be initiated by automated workflow processes, no matter how the customer contacts you--by phone, email, SMS text or through your website.

A snap to use

Launch an email campaign in minutes:

  1. Create or import a list of email addresses
  2. Select the message template to use
  3. Click "Send"
That's it! Voicent Live will send the messages, identify any bounced emails (emails that were undeliverable for any reason), and process any opt-out requests.

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