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The dangers of successful Inbound Marketing

The essense of Inbound Marketing is simple: focus on customers not on
your business. Want to attract buyers to your landscaping business? Write an honest and open article about "10 Things You Should Know About Landscapers Before You Hire One," or "The Best Maintenance-free Plants for Your Yard," or "Tips for a Lush Lawn."

If the information you share is of real value, it will be picked up by Search Engines and shared through social media until you suddenly have lots of folks who not only know the name of your company, but think of it in very positive terms. Another Inbound Marketing success story, right?

But what if one of your content pieces is so extraordinarily successful it overwhelms your ability to respond to leads?  When a prospect reaches out to you, but then doesn't hear back from you for a month, your Inbound Marketing program will achieve the opposite result you wanted. It will quickly give you a reputation for poor customer service.

That's one of the dangers of Inbound Marketing. You never know when you will have a hit on your hands!

That's where Voicent Live comes in. You can use its automated communication tools in traditional "push marketing," such as telemarketing or email campaigns, and you can also use its automation capabilities in "pull," or Inbound Marketing, to effortlessly respond to limitless numbers of information requests--by phone, email, over the web or even by SMS text--automatically, around-the-clock and with no human intervention required.

Voicent Live's workflow automation capabilities enable you to easily create sophisticated systems to execute lead nurturing programs, manage information-on-demand programs, trigger up-sell offers or maintenance offers, all without having to depend on your staff to track or remember anything or have the time available to actually do it.

Designed for simplicity and ease-of-use

It's such an extraordinary thing, it may strike you as difficult to believe. After all, automated communication capabilities of such precision, flexibility and scalability have always been limited to the world's largest corporations.  Thanks to the integration of voice, web, email and SMS technologies--integration that Voicent has helped lead over the past decade--these powerful capabilities are available to even the smallest businesses. 

Start slow, then grow

Voicent Live's remarkable tool integration lets you gradually add capabilities and capacity.  You can start with a single tool, then methodically build business processes and capabilities until you get where you need to be, even if that's a full-blown, omni-channel, world-class contact center.  Voicent Live has everything you need to grow your business.

Key Features

Automate resource delivery

From brochures and white papers, to FAQs and eBooks, you can keep your archived branded content freshly available with a simple mouse-click, phone call, email or mobile text.  Voicent Live's easy workflow automation answers information requests around-the-clock, without limit and without human involvement.

Automate Lead Nurturing

From automated responses to on-line, phone or text requests, to managing scheduled mailings to prospects, gradually educating them on the value of your products and giving them opportunities to buy or further engage, Voicent Live's omnichannel automation capabilities means you can communicate with leads and customers in the format, time and manner they prefer. It's automation that rubs people the right way! It's also automation that dramatically reduces Customer Acquisition Costs because it requires no day-to-day staff involvement

More than lip service, it's real customer focus

It's easy to talk about how customer-friendly your business is, but when they call you to ask a simple question, get documentation or warranty info, or simply get a product brochure, how easy do you make it to work with you? Thoughtful, omnichannel automated communication capabilities give your prospects and customers fast responses and fast answers. Customer service at that level of quality is expensive, unless it is being delivered with thoughtfully designed automation. Then, it's fast, accurate impressive and incredibly efficient.

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