Phone Survey Design

Designing your Survey

multi-dimensional and measure analysis

With Voicent Live it is easy to create and design any kind of survey you wish to run. For this example, we are creating a political survey that gathers the following information: gender, age, and which candidate they are interested in. With Voicent Live's IVR Studio tool your customization options are nearly unlimited, we could instead introduce branching paths which would ask different questions depending on the response or automatically categorize contacts who answer the survey. We also offer design services so we can design your survey for you.

This particular survey would include audio clips that ask each question and thank the participant once the survey is finished. While this example is a relatively short survey, Voicent Live is capable of creating and running any kind of survey, from multiple questions to press one to transfer. Also, instead of audio files you could use text-to-speech to dynamically create questions based on the contact's name or other personal information instead. However you want your survey designed, Voicent Live can accommodate your needs.

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