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Use CRM information inside an email dynamically.

When you create an email campaign message, Voicent Live gives you the ability to dynamically use CRM information within the subject and content of the email. For example, if you wanted a newsletter to address your customer’s by name like: Hello Kevin, Then you would compose the email as: Hello ${__VG__CUSTOMER__.FIRST_NAME}, The values you can […]

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Click to drop audio for voicemails

Voicent Live offers the ability to click an audio file which will be played to the live human or answering machine automatically, freeing up you to move on to your next lead. To do this, follow the steps below. Log-in to Voicent Live and navigate to your “Setup” -> “Account” -> “Click Audio” page. Select […]

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Troubleshooting the Agent Dashboard Audio & Microphone

If you are using the Agent Dashboard Softphone, you may experience situations in which the audio or microphone volume may be adjusted without your knowledge. This tutorial is dedicated to teaching you how to troubleshoot the dashboard audio/microphone on a Windows 7, 8, or 10 PC.   Step 1:  Check Exclusive Mode for your Headphones […]

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