Auto Dialer

Automated phone dialing, message delivery and so much more

Connect with sophistication, power and efficiency

Our powerful auto dialer can distinguish between an answering machine and a live person answering, and deliver different messages to each.

If a live person answers, it can encourage them to press a number on their phone to provide feedback on customer satisfaction, learn more about a special offer, get connected immediately to a live agent, or 'opt out' from additional telephone contact. The results of your customers' feedback is displayed in an easy-to-use spreadsheet in real time.

The ideal tool for any kind of phone campaign

Perfect for sales promotion, event management, delivery notifications, volunteer management, debt collection, political campaigns, fundraising, emergency alert notifications, phone-tree communication, and more.

Whether you need to occasionally make a few hundred calls, or tens of thousands of calls per hour, the extraordinary scalability of Voicent Live's auto dialer will precisely meet your needs. And as your needs grow, Voicent Live will grow with you. Simply add additional lines to increase simultaneous calls and exponentially increase connections with customers.

Auto Dialing is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Record a message using your own voice or type in a message for a computer-generated voice to read aloud
  2. Import your call list
  3. Start calling your customers with a single click.

But don't think this automation will be cold and impersonal. Auto Dialer can address each of your customers by name and provide them with specific information or special offers just for them. Nearly any aspect of your message can be customized for extraordinarily persuasive 1-to1 communication.

Designed to simplify

Managing your phone campaigns (setting start dates, calling times, etc.) is done with point-and-click ease. Best of all, Auto Dialer works seamlessly with other Voicent Live tools providing automated Customer Relationship Management, optimized Call Center efficiency, coordinated mobile SMS text marketing campaigns, customer-friendly Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) menus and much more.

Key Features

Press "1" to transfer

Transfer any live call to any phone number. Your customers will have the option to press a keypad number or speak a response to be connected to a live agent. The call will be transferred to whatever number you want.

Customize your message

Easily record your own message through a microphone or over the phone. Make use of text-to-speech capabilities to personalize each call with the customer's name or other specific information.

Interactive touch-tone response

Enable your contacts to press a number or speak a response to answer a survey question, opt-out of your calling list, or any other interaction you want to offer.

Conduct automated surveys

Use our design tools in conjunction with Voicent Live's auto dialer tool to automate sophisticated, multi-question, over-the-phone surveys. Integrating with other Voicent tools enables you to coordinate surveys with phone, SMS, or email campaigns.

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