Business Management Tools

Labor-saving, efficiency-raising sophistication with point-and-click ease

Workflow Automation

Everything you need to automate your business -- all in one place

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Offload repetitive tasks, freeing up your staff for more important assignments

Eliminate mistakes, forgotten follow-ups, and other oversights that are common in manually managed workflow processes, imposing a new standard in organizational discipline and attention to detail. Improve staff morale, effectiveness, collaboration and productivity by eliminating human involvement in boring, repetitive tasks and managing vast amounts of minutiae.

Effortlessly track and execute telephone, SMS and email marketing programs

Voicent gives you the ability to easily create and manage Automated Workflows that—without any human effort--provide around-the-clock service responding to on-line information requests, executing scheduled follow-up tasks, and helping human staff get involved when needed to close a sale or provide a needed human touch.

Business Phone System

All the tools you need to run your own phone system

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Fully featured inbound phone system

From simple call-flow menus to incredibly powerful connections to web applications, CRM applications, ERP applications, and other tools, Voicent's inbound phone system simplifies business integration and increases system flexibility.

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Includes auto attendants and call routing

Extensions can be Voicent's softphone or an external phone number, allowing your agents to conveniently work from anywhere. Calls can display in a waiting queue, where your agents can review the contact's CRM record before answering the call.

Customer Self Service

Give callers the information they need - automatically

Design Tools

Design your own phone menus and workflows with point and click ease

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