Religious Organizations

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Communicate your values, build tighter relationships, and grow your communities

How do you manage to deepen relationships when you get only one-hour per week, at best, with your members? You use artful, personal and wonderfully inexpensive communication. From broadcasting a weekly "call to worship" telephone message, to sending an early copy of the weekly bulletin by email, faith ommunities use Voicent communication tools to stay connected to their members. What's more, all of those communication channels are two-way, meaning that members can respond with important information, confirmations, requests and comments, keeping staff keenly aware of needs and concerns.

Click to connect by phone, email, or SMS text

Empower your volunteers and lay staff with powerful communication tools for small group development, project management and event promotion.

Graciously and persuasively connect with your congregation with a personal message, easily recorded by phone and automatically delivered by your desktop or laptop computer.

Quickly and easily send a weekly email detailing what's happening and what's coming up.

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