Marketing Tools

Easy-to-use software for powerful, efficient communication

Outbound Marketing

Automated communication tools that get your message out with effortless speed

Auto Dialer, auto dialing, hosted dialer

Auto Dialer

Give it your list of customers or prospects and it will broadcast your message to all of them with just a single click. Record your own message or add powerfully persuasive 1-to-1 personalization with text-to-speech capability that enables your broadcast to say the person's name and other details specific to each call.

SMS marketing, text message, text message marketing

Two-way SMS Marketing

Fully interactive, two-way mobile text communication is the fastest and most efficient way to communicate with your customers, staff or volunteers. Great for news alerts, opt-in marketing campaigns, project management, service pick-ups, delivery notifications, event management and much more.

Email marketing, email software, workflow marketing

Email Broadcast

Personalize your email campaign messages and newsletters with our message designer, then automatically send and track your emails—by the hundreds or by the tens of thousands—with just a few mouse clicks.

Inbound Marketing

Automate lead-capture, nurturing, up-selling and customer retention

Customer relationship management, integrated software

See the benefits of a fully integrated CRM system

With Voicent Live's integrated CRM, whenever someone calls you, engages with your web content, signs up for a webinar, or otherwise connects with your business, you can easily capture contact information, preferences, interests and other pertinent details in a Customer Relationship Management profile record that will serve as a powerful foundation for effective selling, up-selling, and customer service.

inbound marketing, content marketing

Send your leads automated emails to drive them along your buying cycle

Every time a customer or prospect connects with your business, a CRM record will automatically pop-up, putting that person’s status, interests and issues at the fingertips of your agent, who is now in a position to close deals or deliver outstanding customer service. Even better, that CRM record is constantly working in the background, adding that customer to scheduled sales-nurturing messages, up-sell offers, service offers or other automated communication—by phone, email, SMS text—whatever the customer prefers. That’s the power of truly integrated and automated CRM.

Marketing Automation

Exponentially increase the consistency, quality and effectiveness of your marketing

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