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Distinguish your business with extraordinary service and efficiency

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Streamline your customer service

Contact centers want to maximize efficiency while minimizing costs. Voicent Live's intuitive design tools make it easy for you to see and implement ways to delight customers with streamlined, quality service, while dramatically reducing costs through smart automation.

Design to delight

Customers want to feel as though they are your priority. Voicent Live's design tools make it easy for you to deliver extraordinarily convenient and uncommonly personal service.  From fast and easy self-service capabilities, to immediate access to human help, to call-by-call customization that greets customers by name when they call and quickly routes them to the department or specific agent they prefer. That's the power of integrated, automated and brilliantly customizable CRM capabilities.

Integrate your design with any Voicent Tool

Best of all, Voicent Live's design tools lets you coordinate and synchronize your systems, business processes and automated workflows with every communication format you need, phone, SMS text, email, or web.

Key Features

Intuitive interface

Design workflows, IVR apps and more with intuitive, drag-and-drop visual tools that enable you to easily see and then create whatever your business needs.

Text-to-Speech enabled

Text-to-speech capabilities allow you to provide customers with immediate access to resources or dynamic information, such as account balance, customer status, and more.

Speech Recognition

Analyze and act on spoken caller input to create a more natural and convenient alternative to keypad commands.  This is especially appreciated by customers contacting you on mobile phones.

Track your results

Call Variable Reporting enables you to view the IVR path for every call and gain insight into trouble areas where your callers disconnect.

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